F16 Class Associations

The F16 International Class Association oversees the running of the class at international level.

Local class associations are being formed in a number of regions.

International Board

Thomas König, Chairman, president@formula16.net

Antoine Meunier, Secretary, secretary@formula16.net

Stéphane Etienne, Treasurer, treasurer@formula16.net

Gill De Bruyne/Paul Warren, Webmaster, webmaster@formula16.net

Biography Thomas Koenig, president F16 Class

Thomas König, a 54 year old German Mineral Processing Engineer, started catamaran sailing 1997 with a Hobie 16. In the year 2001, he was elected as regional director of the National German Hobie Class Association. Over the years he organised major events, worked on class rules and kept contact to other sailing associations in Germany in order to coordinate catamaran sailing. In 2011, he started sailing an F16 catamaran and thus left the Hobie Classs Association as an officer. In 2012 he founded the German Formula16 Class Association and was elected first Chairman. Thomas is licenced Race Officer and licenced Referee.

Biography Antoine Meunier, Secretary F16 Class

Engineer, Dr. Physics (Nuclear & fluid mechanics), Business Administration Institute, Antoine Meunier created on 2009 a consultant business in project management innovations, sustainable development audit

His expertise is based on three axes:

1/ The multicultural experience in Product-Process-cost strategy to develop the Strategic Plan Group

2/ The full experience of the industry R & D, advanced research to production series

3/ The setting up of cooperation contracts with World builders Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, RSA, Volvo from PSA (Peugeot Citroen) research drivetrain Gasoline and Diesel

GMP Strategist, he created flowcharts and development costs repositories reducing time & costs, for competitively contributed to cooperation wisely utilizing the respective know-how and availability spectacular gains. He developed a dynamic resource management to recreate injected into additional projects margins.

Manager R & D, he has developed new methods for obtaining quality levels and reduces costs at the factory, as well as reducing prototyping time in half.

Engine designer, it introduces powder metallurgy for the most thermo-mechanically stressed parts, ceramics (distribution), new elastomers and fabrics for timing belts, vibration analysis for the acoustic signature, with new procedures physical testing coupled to digital.

General manager of industrial project, he defined the specifications of a new centre for advanced testing able to work the technologies for the next 30 years and consulting providers to tender, launched the skills and suppliers. The provided energy is recycling and emissions lowest.

Green-engineering consultant, he contributes to innovative SME projects, is accredited “Bilan Carbone” ADEME to drive environmental audits in companies and contributes to the environmental standard of consumer products Grenelle2.

Sportsman, he sails sport catamaran, organizes sporting Events for the sailing Club Touquet France with 4 championships, one world, created in 2011 the French association Formula 16, is a federal empire, measurer. He is snow and water skiing, diving, private pilot.

Biography Stéphane Etienne, Treasurer F16 Class

Stéphane Etienne, a 43 year old French SemiConductor strategy specialist, started catamaran sailing in 1994 with a Hobie 18 Formula and then naturaly moved into F18. In the year 1999, he was elected as President of the Mattia Association. Over the years he organized major events, worked on class rules and got involved in the design and manufacturing of composite hulls, daggers, rudders and masts. In 2012, he started sailing an F16 catamaran and thus left the Mattia class Association as an officer. In 2012 he joined the french F16 Association and was elected first treasurer.

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