Stealth F16
Stealth F16

Designers: John Pierce, Sue Davis

Launched: 2002

The first purpose designed fully optimized F16. When the F16 class was born in 2001, the Stealth Marine company launched their entry into this class 9 months later (spring 2002). It comes standard with a tapered carbon mast and it is still the most affordable F16 in the class as it is priced level with a new Hobie 16. A great achievement if there is one.

In recent years the Stealth F16 also comes standard with a Landenberger suit of sails and T-foil rudders. T-foil rudders are rudders with small horizontal winglets on their tips. These winglets keep the boat level with the waterline in chop and during gusts. This boat can be pushed extremely hard in challenging conditions without risking a dive because of these T-foil rudders.


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