Thomas Koenig steps down as secretary

Dear F16 friends,

After being in engaged in the class for 7 years, first as President and lately as Secretary, Thomas Koenig steps down from his official function within the class.

Our worldwide community has grown over the years and worldwide racing was established. There are local races, Nationals, Continentals and Worlds and what is most important people do have fun sailing together.
But all these things do not happen by accident. They happen because a bunch of engaged sailors
manage the class successfully and today want to specially thanks Thomas for his engagement the last 7 years.

The F16 boats are among the mightiest beach catamarans on the planet and I enjoyed every minute as President and sailor. Those honorary appointments opened the door to a lot of friendships. But priorities change as life goes by and meanwhile there are other challenges and projects I will focus on. Ofcouse you will still see me on the F16 race course!” – Thomas

At the same time we also want to launch a vacancy for Secretary of the F16 class and to join our great team to move the F16 class forward!

If you’re interested, please contact us via gill.debruyne(at)!