Formula 16 is a multi-manufacturer class for beach catamarans, designed for the 21st century.

The F16 design is modern. Gone are the days when a seaworthy 16 foot catamaran had to weigh 150kg and when the use of carbon meant spiralling costs. F16 minimum weight is just 107kg (104kg 1-up) with few restrictions on materials and yet costs are no more than for other race catamarans. The inclusion of an asymmetric spinnaker adds to the excitement.

The F16 design is practical. Do you enjoy sailing as a team but hate getting stranded on the shore when the crew doesn’t show? Do you sail on your own but want the option to take friends and family out occasionally? The F16 is designed to sail equally well 1-up and 2-up, and what’s more both configurations race each other on elapsed time. And at 104kg, the F16 can not only be sailed singlehanded – you can launch and right it on your own too!

The F16 design is fast. A light-weight platform, generous sail areas and an asymmetric spinnaker can mean only one thing: speed. In 2-up mode the F16 races the F18 class on elapsed time – first in wins. In 1-up mode, with asymmetric spinnaker, it races the A-cats on elapsed time.

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The F16 class was founded in 2001 and there are now a number of fully optimised designs in production. Learn more about the F16 boats. Find out what’s happening in your region on the calendar or through your local class association. Being a modern and truly international class, much of the planning and discussion happens on-line. Come and meet us at the F16 forum.

Download the F16 logo here.

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