Open Belgian F16 Nationals

Last weekend the Belgian Nationals took place in Oostduinkerke, the West Coast of Belgium. It was a combined event with the F18 nationals. This way we could have as many boats on the starting line as possible. Weather predictions were very favorable: we would have the last Belgian summer day on Saturday with 12-18 knots from the South (meaning no waves) and a chilly Sunday with light winds from the North. Predictions were almost right ;-)

On Saturday all teams arrived at the beach around 10 o’clock to rig their boats and to make sure everything was tuned in for the correct wind conditions. Sun was shining and 52 boats were lining up at the start! 19 of these 52 boats were F16 teams, what a great turn-out! A lot of Dutch teams came over for this event in Belgium and also some French teams. Great to see all these F16 sailors!

First start was at 13h. All 52 boats were very eager to start and we had our first general recall. In total 3 races were sailed on Saturday and every starting procedure had a general recall with a black flag start afterwards. We even managed to get a general recall with the black flag start, very pushy fleet!

3 races were sailed, each consisting of 3 laps. Around 15 knots of wind, but very shifty due to the land wind. Almost no waves and quite some current. On day 1 in the F16 fleet the youth teams were showing their sailing skills again. Henri Demesmaeker (Viper) won the first race of that day and Philip Hendrickx (Falcon) won the 2 last races of that day. Other youth teams performing well: Stef Haazen (Falcon) and Sanne Wielenga (Nacra).

During the 4th starting procedure starting was suddenly cancelled. We all sailed back to shore and luckily all boats made it back in time before a big storm hit shore. Suddenly a Force 7 wind out of the North was stirring up the sea.


We all tied down our boats and took cover in the beach club were pasta was served. This was a great first day of this Belgian Nationals. We had sunshine, nice winds, 3 races and a big fleet to race with. Everybody went to sleep happily and wondering what the next day would bring. Prediction was for very light winds so we hoped we would manage to sail some more races.

Day 2 started very cold, with still a lot of wind leftover from the previous day’s storm. Blowing out of the North the sea reminded me of Round Texel. Launching trough the surf with the wind head on would probably be a bit challenging. Start was at 11 o’clock so all competitors would be able to drive back home in time. Racing committee did an outstanding job really pushing the starts one right after the other. This way we managed to sail another 4 races on Sunday. Wind was not as predicted. We could still double trap most of the time and the waves made it even more challenging. You really had to keep the pressure on to drive through the waves. Also today the fleet decided they wanted to practice their starts: 3 general recalls out of 4 races. Youth teams Philip and Henri knew this day would be the battle between the 2 of them, they are a real match. First race was won by Philip. Second race by Henri. Third race by Philip and the last race was won by Henri. Returning at the beach both teams did not know who would be the winner of this event. They had a photo finish and so the mystery remained until the price giving: very exciting! Price giving revealed that Philip Hendrick and Filip Olyslaeger (Falcon) were the big winners of the Belgian Nationals F16 2014, congratulations! Also congratulations to the other 2 youth teams taking 2nd place (Henri Demesmaeker and Emile Van Holsbeke, Viper) and 3rd place (Stef Haazen and Stijn Van daele, Falcon).


Picture of the podium

Top 5 Belgian F16 Nationals

1/Philip Hendrickx/Filip Olyslaeger – Falcon – 8pts
2/Henri Demesmaeker/Emile Van Holsbeke – Viper – 9pts
3/Stef Haazen/Stijn Van daele – Falcon – 18pts
4/Aurélie Van Schoote/Thomas Vandenbossche – Falcon – 29pts
5/Gill De Bruyne/Kathleen Vandenbulcke – Falcon – 32pts

Full results can be found here:

Open Dutch Championships F16

September 20-21, the Open Dutch Championships F16 were held in Hellevoetsluis. Sixteen F16 teams were competing, of which 11 Dutch and 5 Belgian teams. Nine youth teams were present.

On Saturday the weather forecast showed light wind expectations. The day started foggy, but luckily this passed slowly so that the wind strength could build up to about 10 knots. Four races were sailed on Saturday. Froukje Feenstra and Sanne van Hek were on fire that day and finished with a 2nd place in the first race, continued by winning the other three races! This gave them a nice lead on the rest of the fleet.

Belgian teams were also pretty quick in the light breeze. Team Hendrickx / Olyslager were in 2nd place and Schoote / Baque on 3rd place at the end of the day. Followed by Erwin Kerstens / Jaap Straakenbroek on 4th and Robin & Sander Mineur on 5th place.

foto 1 nk


Sunday was a totally different day with stronger winds, about 18 average and gusts over 25knts.  For some teams this meant a good opportunity to catch up in points and ranking, especially for Dutchies Sanne Wielenga / Thomas the Jong, who sailed really well and consistent, finishing four times in 3rd!  The Belgian teams were also very fast in the breeze! Henri Demesmaeker / Emile van Holsbeke were unstoppable and Philip Hendrickx / Filip Olyslager defended their 2nd position. Froukje Feenstra and Sanne van Hek had a though day and definitely won the capsize challenge! Though day!

This resulted in a very well deserved win for Henri and Emile! Philip and Filip in second, followed by Froukje and Sanne who still had enough points from Saturday to represent the Netherlands on the podium.

Full results here:

Results NK


Report sent in by Froukje Feenstra, The Netherlands

Belgian youth championships

6 and 7th of September the Belgian youth championships were sailed in Koksijde Yacht Club.

There were 3 categories: Dragoon (13 boats), C3 (SL16, Hobie Max, Hobie 16, Nacra 500) (13 boats) and F16 (10 boats).

In the F16 class 5 Belgian and 5 Dutch teams. With very little wind 3 races were sailed over the weekend.

A very exciting race up untill the end. Top 3 places had equal points just before the last race. Whoever won this last race would be crowned Youth Champ 2014!

All 3 boats arrived at the same time at the upwind buoy – and since there was only one round to be sailed due to the light wind – it was a very slow but super exciting downwind.

Philip Hendrickx and Filip Olyslager (BEL111, Falcon) won with 5 meter ahead on  Aurelie and Alec (BEL100, Falcon) and Henri Demesmaeker came in 3rd (BEL3, Viper).

Full results here

F16 Euros 2014 @Le Touquet: Kim-Anne Le Formal & Ben Amiot Champs

F16 Europeans 2014: France beats Australia & Belgium: “This year, sailing superpower Australia seems to have no serious challengers. But at the F16 Europeans in Le Touquet Daniel and Nathan van Kerckhof on a Viper had to give way to the young and promising French sailor Kim-Anne Le Formal on a Falcon.

With Flying Phantom crew Benjamin Amiot, they managed to grab the F16 European crown 2014 in a very close fight with the other top teams.


The Europeans on the French Channel coast saw more than 30 teams from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Australia. One third of the fleet were youth teams, solo sailors had registered as well and there were highly competitive mixed and women’s teams on the water as well. All brands were present and despite the fact that it still is the sailor and not the boat winning or loosing, it seems that the box rule is working. There was no signfificant dominance of any brand and that’s the way Formula classes should be run.

Over a challenging five days conditions varied from 22 knots and big waves to light wind summer breezes. And the strong currents in the Channel make racing a tricky issue in terms where to go and where to tack. With tough conditions in the first two days, not every team decided to head out. Remarkably, German solo sailor Stefan Dorfner took the challenge and managed to finish almost all races. But as the Formula 16 class still has a lot of pleasure sailors, it might be just the right decision not to race if you don’t feel safe.


Fighting at the top of the fleet was very tight all week, as with 2013 world youth champs Arnout and Klaas Victor, a very competitive youth team chased Kim-Anne next to the Aussie team. And with last year’s World Champ Henri Demesmaeker and his crew Emile van Holsbeke, followed by this year’s Texel winner Froukje Feenstra another top team took care of close racing. In fact, the Championship was open until the last race and looking at the results of the races, there was no dominance of any sailor either.

Next to Kim-Anne winning the European Championship, Dutch Froukje Feenstra ended up as the best women’s team, Andi Lutz from Switzerland and Dominik Leuthold took the masters podium and German Stefan Dorfner won the solo challenge. The Victor brothers from Belgium finished as the best youth team within this event.

Full results on:

Thomas Koenig, Chairman F16 CA

Overall results F16 Europeans 2014 Le Touqet



Results F16 Worlds 2014

Adrian Fawcett and Jesse Dobie World Champion F16

World Championship F16 was sailed from June 23 – 27 in Newport, USA. 4 days of racing and 29 boats at the start. Youth teams, mixed teams, solo sailors,… An unique mix, typical for the F16 class.

Here is a report about the event where you can read about the venue, the sailors, top 5, a link to the full results and a letter of the US chairman with a big thanks to event sponsor Red Gear Racing.

2014 F16 podium

2014 F16 Worlds Podium

Adrian Fawcett & Jesse Dobie, Australia: “this was a great location. You have to visit Newport. Lots to see and great sailing conditions. Due to unstable wind there was 1 day where we could not sail, but our race officer made sure that we still managed to get 13 races in.”

On Monday we had the practice race. Matt McDonald, USA: “Each race was different due to different wind and current. Getting the course right and adjust yourself to it was very important.”

On Tuesday racing started in difficult conditions with winds up to 20 knots. Alot of teams were very close to each other, especially the top 4. After day 1 Adrian & Jesse, Australia, were leading the fleet. On 2nd place were ex olympic sailors Jay&Pease Glaser. On third: Olympic sailor Robbie Daniels.

Fleet approaching the top mark

Fleet approaching the top mark

Wednesday was a very light wind day, to the advantage of lighter teams. Andi Lutz, Switzerland: “we noticed on Wednesday that lighter teams really had an advantage on us, a heavier men team. The lighter teams could speed up and Adrian & Jesse could not be kept up with!”

On Thursday no sailing because of too little wind. Sailors discovered the area and went to see some nice yachts and race boats, like the American VOR70 and the Spindrift, the 140 foot catamaran.

Chillin at the beach

Chillin’ at the beach

With 2 discards the race was still very exciting. Adrian & Jesse were leading with 2 points ahead of Ravi & Sam. Robbie on 3rd and Glaser on 4th place.

Adrian and Jesse in action

Adrian and Jesse in action

On Friday, the last day of racing, there was a distinct gap between top 4 and rest of the fleet. Top 4 only a few points separate of each other. Very exciting! Andi: “On this last day all sailors decided to sail as many races as possible today. We started early and we managed to race 5 more races!”

Adrian & Jesse stayed on top of the fleet during the whole event and also this last day they were not to be stopped. Their boat speed made sure they sailed Gold at these Worlds! Congratulations to the new World Champions!

Adrian and Jesse - 2014 F16 world champions

Adrian and Jesse – 2014 F16 world champions

Top 5:

Adrian & Jesse – world champion – Falcon F16

Ravi&Sam – 2nd place – Viper F16

Robbie & Catherine – 3rd place – Viper F16

Jay & Pease Glaser – 4th place – Falcon F16

Sandra Tartaglino & Max Kramers – 5th place – Viper F16

Full results can be found here:

Next big event for the Formula 16 class is the European Championship in Le Touquet: 28/07 – 01/08. Register here:

Here is a letter of our US chairman about the Worlds:

I trust that you have all made it safely home by now after our very successful World Championship regatta in Newport, Rhode Island. Hearty congratulations to all of our trophy winners, and most especially to our newly crowned Formula 16 World Champions, Adrian Fawcett and Jesse Dobie from Australia!

The success of an event like this depends on many, many people, but ultimately it would be nothing without the sailors who make the effort to come and compete. So I want to thank every one of you who made the decision to join us in Newport. A week-long event away from home involves a very significant commitment of your time and money and we are grateful for your participation. We particularly appreciate those who traveled from outside the US and helped to make this a truly international event.

It’s also important to reiterate how greatly we appreciate the support of our sponsor, Red Gear Racing, who came through with a significant financial contribution in support of the Class to help us meet the costs of the regatta. Jill Nickerson and Robbie Daniel from Red Gear have been stalwart supporters of the Formula 16 and we are extremely grateful for their continued involvement in the Class.

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the regatta was observing the great diversity of the Class – sailors aged 12 to 75, male and female, and with Olympic campaigners and medalists competing alongside weekend sailors relatively new to racing. It reflects well on the versatility of the Formula 16 Class that we’re all able to participate in an event like this together, both in the competition on the water and in the camaraderie on shore.

Numerically, it was encouraging to see the regatta attract a similar number of boats (29) as last year’s Worlds in Travemunde (32) and significantly more than last year’s US Nationals at Racine (16). Nonetheless, continuing to build the Class, and multihull sailing in general, remains an important goal for all of us. Every one of us has an opportunity to play a role here: every time you go sailing other people get to see you in action. So please, get out and have fun!

For the US Class, now that the Worlds are behind us, planning can begin for our 2015 Nationals. We are grateful to have received expressions of interest from two clubs so far who are interested in hosting us next year, and in due course you can expect an announcement about that event.

Sail well!

Mark Thomson
US-F16 Class Chairman

Spring training F16 @ Lago di Como    

This past Eastern week-end was the end of the first F16 Spring Training. Meeting point was Italian village Domaso on Lake Como.

We had a coming and going of different F16. In total 7 boats from 4 nations showed up for this European season kick off!

Weather was great, altough not very stable like it is in summer. We had different kinds of wind and weather. From very sunny to even a little snow up in the mountains. From 0 knots to 20 knots. And all this sometimes in one day. Adapting to the new wind was key to maintain speed.

Matt McDonald from Falcon Marine joined us in Italy for 3 days of training. Trim and tuning tips on land followed by on the water sessions. Very interesting to start the season with these tips and tricks. Lots of things to practice on and to get quicker during this new 2014 season.

We are all looking forward to the Europeans in Le Touquet, July, to see how we have improved. We’ll keep you updated on any more training clinics! Subscribe here for this event:

More pictures on our Facebook page:


Latest News F16 Worlds USA 


Ever wonder how badly you might get waxed by an Olympic Sailor?  Or maybe by a guy who was born when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President, who just happens to be sailing with a woman who may be older than your grandma.  Or a couple kids who are the defending USF-16 Champions, but still not out of high school? Well, if you’re coming to the F16 Worlds in Newport, RI in June, you’re soon to find out.

We’ve got a great fleet of 23 boats signed up already, stacked with talent…

Sailors currently engaged in Olympic Campaigns for Rio in 2015 include: Robbie Daniel, Catherine Shannahan and Katie Flood.  We’ve also heard from others who are expecting to make it, but still working on schedule details.

76 year-old, Bob Johnson, and his 65 year-old wife, Cheryl (sorry Cheryl, I shouldn’t be talking about a lady’s age, but damn, you guys are awesome!).  His email is address is Hobiebob.  Something tells me he knew Hobie Alter, may he rest in peace.  Can’t wait to meet Bob and Cheryl, they must be really cool!

18 year-olds, Ravi Parent and Sam Armington will be back to defend their US Champions title.  They put the hurt on a talented fleet last Summer up in Racine, Wisconsin.  And from what I’ve seen since then, they certainly haven’t gotten any slower.  Really great stuff going on there at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Great leadership from Jim Zellmer and Dalton Tebo.

And just yesterday, I saw Ken Marshack’s name show up on the list.  Ken is another long-time cat sailor.  He’s from the state of Washington, and I know he’s represented that area at multiple US Sailing Alter Cup events.  He is also an active F18 and A-Cat racer. You can expect him to be tough on the F16, as well.

Need Another Gear?

Well then, get it in gear, and get to the event early for the Red Gear Racing Training Clinic.  Led, of course, by former Olympian, Robbie Daniel, who is actively pursuing another Olympic bid.  Right now he’s racing the Olympic 17 somewhere in Europe.  I can tell you from personal experience, that he’s an outstanding coach. He’s got the unique ability to connect with weekend warriors and world-class sailors alike, and help them both improve.  For details on the training packages that can even include food and lodging, contact Jill

Big Pimpin’

As the USF-16 Chairman, it’s important for me to be brand agnostic.  We’re fortunate to have several top-notch brands of F16s in the United States, and I’m pleased to see that they will all be represented at our upcoming Worlds.

I’m not the least bit hesitant, however, about pimpin’ Goodall Design/Red Gear Racing for leading the way on sponsorship of the Worlds Event.  As the result of their Viper Charter Offer, we are already guaranteed a minimum of $1,700 cash, which is the current high bid for the auction.  Simply put, we couldn’t make it work without this type of support.  If you can top this $1,700 bid, go here  RIGHT NOW, jump to the front of the leader board and to help out the class at the same time.

Then in June, please join me in profusely thanking Jill Nickerson and Robbie Daniel for supporting the F16 community in such a big way.

“It Ain’t the Chariot, It’s the Horse”

One of my favorite quotes from triathlon circles.  Apropos when a super-human triathlete just crushed the field with their bike split and the only thing the rest of us want to talk about is what type of bike they were riding.  News flash: she could crush you on a Schwinn Varsity.

But, since we all seem to love the drama, here’s the current brand boat count for the 2014 Worlds:

Viper                13
Falcon                7
Blade                 2
Nacra                 0

The Wickford Regatta:  A Great Tune-Up for Worlds

Just north of Newport there’s an excellent regatta on June 7-8.  Skip Whyte, Head Sailing Coach for the University of Rhode Island is the regatta chair.  There’s already a great fleet of cats signed up with 17 F18’s registered.  Skip would love to see a bunch of F16’s, as well. The cats will likely have a common start, and mix it up together racing in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay.  For more information visit   or email Skip at mailto:


Daniel Hearn
USF-16 Chairman

Worlds Contacts:

Richard Feeny, Regatta Chair,
Mark Thomson, Event Registration,
Daniel Hearn, USF-16 Class Chairman,


Formula 16 Worlds 2014: Sailing festival in Newport/ Rhode Island

Sailing Newport will host the 2014 Worlds of the International Formula 16 Class Association.

From June, 24th until Friday, 27th the class of the light and fast beach catamarans will race at one of the most exposed venues in sailing.

Although being a multi-generation catamaran, the Formula 16 boats have been the nursery of many crews sailing the Olympic Nacra 17 today. After Henri Demesmaeker was crowned the youngest World Champion ever apart from the optimist dinghy in Travemuende last year, let’s take a thorough look on young hotshots showing up in Newport, dropping their calling card for future F18 or Nacra 17 racing.

Registration is open for double-handed and singlehanded crews. Charter boats will be available.

Further information on