Home-build F16’s

Believe it or not but both boats in the picture on the right are marine ply-epoxy F16’s. Build by amateur home-builders. Of course several parts were sourced from professional suppliers, like the mast and sails. But the platforms are typically fully home build.

The orange red boat in the picture is a Blade F16 design and the illustrated building plans are sold by Phill Brander. Contact Phil via this address:bladecatamarans@gmail.com.

Do not be fooled by the “marine ply” usage in the hulls. These are stiff and high performance boats comparable to the best glass boats out there on the market. The dent resistance of epoxy saturated ply is noticeably superior to that of glass laminate. Additionally, a reasonably handy homebuilder can build these boats down to the minimum F16 class weight.


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