Worlds and Europeans schedule known for 2021/2022

Being at confined at home seems to have it’s advantages as well! We are happy to announce that next to the venue for the 2021 Worlds in Gravedona, Italy, also the venue for the F16 Europeans in 2022 is confirmed in Travemunde, Germany!

Worlds in at Lake of Como, Gravedona: week of July 19th 2021.
Europeans in during the 133th Travemunde Woche in Travemunde, Germany: 22.-31.07.2022

Travemunde will give the class again a great opportunity to gain visibility in the catamaran scene with hopefully the inclusion again of the SAP spectator race course.

Keep in mind, we will look at the opportunity and feasibility to setup an informal F16 event from 19th to 24th of July 2020 if conditions allow.

In some countries signs of re-opening of the sailing waters are there, so have fun on the water soon, but most of all Stay Safe!

F16 worlds postponed

Dear F16 sailors,

Due to the current impact of the Corona virus, we have decided to postpone the F16 worlds to next year.

We have been in very close contact with the AVAL sailing club and based on the latest outcomes, it has been decided to postpone all the already scheduled events by 1 year. World in Como is thus rescheduled for the week of July 19th 2021. And Travemunde toward 2022.

Meanwhile, we will look at the opportunity and feasibility to setup an informal F16 event during the same period (from 19th to 24th of July) which will hopefully allow for people willing to travel to still meet with our fantastic crowd of sailors. Also within the usual time frame we will output the formal yearly reporting.

Looking forward to seeing you and stay safe,

Keeping the Faith: F16 European Championship 2019

Event report by Beau White – Australia.

Top 3 podium:

1st: Lou and Armand – Viper F16 – 1st mixed – 1st youth
2nd: Andi & Andi – Falcon F16 – mixed – 1st masters
3rd: Emmanuel and Eric – Bimare F16 – men’s
13th: Teuntje and Doortje – Nacra F16 – 1st women’s
33rd: Brian Hillesdon – Falcon F16 – 1st solo


From the day we began crashing less, sailing faster and moving up the mixed fleet races we have dreamed of racing in a big fleet of F16s. The Australian National in Rye in 2018 was the most perfect regatta, we tasted the high of blasting around in sunshine, strong sea breeze and flat water with 14 other edgy thrill seeking teams. The fleet were young and old. There were muscular young men, pretty girls in bikinis, old sea dogs and solo steely eyed missile men. Continue reading

Swiss F16 races

Swiss F16 races!

Dear F16 sailors (and former ones),

I hope your season has started well and that you already enjoyed some nice sailing sessions!
I wanted to write this little email to tell you that the registrations for the Swiss F16 Class Championship are opened (!/ )! The Championship will be hosted by the Club Nautique de Versoix (CNV) in Geneva, the 29th and 30th of June. At the same time, the Nacra 15 will have their Swiss Championship. It’s thus a good occasion for us, the F16, to show to the next generation how cool our class is 😉 Moreover, this event will be closely watched by our sailing federation. There will be no other boat than the N15, which means that the F16 fleet will not share the starting line with anyone else! For you to know, the fee increase will be done on the 8th of Juneso make sure you register quickly. 
If some of you are interested by the event but don’t have a boat, just tell me and I will see if I can find a solution! I really hope that if you are available, you will manage to come, even the ones that bought an F16 recently 🙂 
I encourage our foreign crews in copy of this email (French, German, Belgian) to spread the word in their country to have an even greater event 😀 Swiss guys are always happy to welcome you! 
I also take the opportunity of this email to remind you some of the nice events coming this season: 
  • Cat Week-end in Ascona (8th-9th June – RACES Championship) – Registrations open
  • Genève-Rolle-Genève in Geneva (YCG) (8th-9th June – Long Distance) – Registrations open
  • Open des Multicoques in Geneva (SNG) (22nd-23rd June – RACES Championship)  
  • European F16 Championship in Bordeaux (20th -26th July) (with places available for a training with Mitch Booth the week before) – Registrations open! 
  • Bol d’or du Lac de Joux (24th-25th August – Long Distance)
  • Rietli Cat Battle in St-Gallen (SCR) (31st August – 1st September – RACES Championship)
  • Trophée des Rentes Genevoises in Geneva (YCG) (5th-6th October – RACES Championship Final)
If you are interested in any of these events and have questions, do not hesitate to contact me! 
I hope that there will be a lot of F16 to these events 🙂 And make sure, you follow us on Facebook to have all the information! 
Always at your disposal if you have any questions or proposal of improvement, 
I wish you a good week-end and a great sailing season! 
Aurore Kerr 

Management letter 2019

Dear F16 Sailors,

The year 2018 has been full of thrilling events and a lot of interesting topics concerning the future development of the class. After 18 years, the class is still going strong and producing top level sailors in highly competitive fleets. The Catamaran market is currently a bit fractured and still reeling from the change of the N17/15 shift. As the F16 association we will continue to work on our visibility and structure in order to maintain stability, grow and improve our wonderful class.

Read the entire letter here

F16 Europeans announced in Maubuisson from 17th to 26th of July 2019

After the succesful 2011 World championship, the F16 class returns to the water of Maubuisson, France. Located in the South-West of France near Bordeaux (famous from the wine) and the Atlantic coast, Le Lac de Maubuisson offers a nice sailing water.

Similar to Hellecat where the F16 Europeans were held this year, it is a sheltered water close to sea offering stable winds.


La Cercle de la Voile de Bordeaux, the organising sailing club yearly has a big cat regatta beginning of November and is used to these type of events.

Come over and enjoy ‘la douce France’, good food and great sailing.

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This will be an awesome event!

This will be awesome indeed! Only 90 days until the F16 Europeans in Hellecat! So if you want to go and compete, now is your time to register!

Join in on the fun of this great location now!

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