F16 at the Paris boatshow

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The F16 class will be present on the Paris boatshow from 5 till 13th of December! Come and visit us!

More information here: https://sites.google.com/site/assofrf16/actuality/laformule16sinviteaunauticparis2015

F16 Nationals USA

The F16 Nationals hosted by Sarasota Youth Sailing and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron was a great success!  Racing was held over four days in a wide variety of conditions.  Day one started with an onshore postponement until a light sea breeze filled in and three races were sailed.  Day two again started with a postponement until the sea breeze filled in and another three races were sailed in light air.  The start time on day three was moved up one hour to take advantage of the best breeze of the day.  Four great races were sailed in 8-12 knots of breeze.  The final day of racing had the best breeze of the week.  Four races were sailed in 12-18 knots making for an exciting day of racing.


Thank you to Charlie Clifton and his RC team for running great races.  And a big thank you to Jesse Brunsvold and Maria Rocha for all their hard work as the event co-chairs!

Alana O’Reilly
Director of Sarasota Youth Sailing12184216_10153721417574393_539908179470135695_o

Check out the video of the event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYb_Tlze724&feature=share

Event results here: http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=10347&show_crew=1


1  Mark Brunsvold/Anderson Brunsvold  – Falcon F16
2  Matt McDonald/Gina McDonald – Falcon F16
3  Sophia Schultz/Nicholas Schultz – Falcon F16
4  Robbie Daniel/Gary Chu – Viper F16
5  Ken MARSHACK/Arielle Darrow – Viper F16

Other awards for:

1st Single Handed = Mark Thomson
1st Masters = Matt & Gina McDonald
1st Youth = Sophia & Nicolas Schultz

Congratulations everybody!

US F16 Nationals – Sarasota Florida

The U.S. Class Association is holding the US Nationals in Sarasota, Florida, starting on October, 29th.

This four day event is hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and Sarasota Youth Sailing. At present, 21 boats have registered with competitors coming from as far afield as California and Washington State in the West, Minnesota and Canada in the North and New Jersey in the East.

The Class is expecting light to moderate conditions with air temperatures in the high 20’s celcius. Ravi Parent and Sam Armington who have won this event for the last two years (last year top US team in the Newport worlds) are not competing this year, so there will be a new champion for sure.

The youngest competitors this year are a pair of 14 years old twins sailing on two different boats.

The Nationals are sponsored by Red Gear Racing and Parcus Medical.


The Class will be awarding the overall national championship, as well as awards for masters, youth and singlehanded champions.


There are still open slots to register on www.regattanetwork.com.
The event website is here: http://usf16nationals.org/.

F16 Europeans 2015: Henri Demesmaeker &Alec Bague Champs

Formula 16 European Championships in Cesenatico: Henri strikes again!

The podium: 1/Henri & Alec, Viper F16 2/Manu/Eric, Bimare F16 3/ Aurélie/Morgan, Falcon F16

Three years after having been the youngest World Champion ever on a high performance boat, Henri Demesmaeker together with Alec Bague grabbed the European crown 2015. With six bullets in eleven races, and winning all races on the last day, there was no doubt, who was setting the benchmark in this light wind event. The race committee managed to start 11 races over a series of four days in steaming hot weather conditions with water temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees.

Neither former European Champion Kim Anne le Formal nor current World Champs Adrian Fawcett with his crew Jessie Dobbie had a chance to get near the young Belgian hotshots, who also won thetrophy for the best youth team. With 43 boats from six nations, this Euro on the Adriatic coast was the biggest F16 event ever. Most teams were mixed with girls and boys on the helm. And with two youth teams on the podium, some all female teams and four single handed sailors in the fleet the class again gave proof of the versatility of those catamarans.
Except the boats from Manu Boulogne, all common brands were present. The box rule seems to work as the first ten places were just about eventy shared by Viper, Bimare and Falcon boats. The Nacra F16 carrying a bit more weight does not seem to like those lightwind conditions. But as next year’s Worlds are in Belgium, this boat might again show it’s highwind potential. Mattia, showing up with a new developed F16 probably came for testing. Let`s hope, that they will establish the boat on this very competitive market.

The Circolo Vela Cesenatico did a brilliant job on the water and on shore. The maximum waiting time between the last boat crossing the finish time and the next warning signal was less than five minutes. And getting your boat hosed with fresh water while pulling it to the boat park surely is a service, that is not common either. Grazie mille!

An overview of pictures on the beach can be found our Facebook page, stay tuned there for even more racing pictures!

Thomas Koenig, Chairman F16

Online Registration Formula 16 Europeans

Register now online for the F16 Europeans in Italy this summer!


The entry fee for registration =
Doublehanded € 280


Singlehanded € 200



NOR to be found here

Information about accommodation in the area:

Viale Cavour, 44 – 47042 Cesenatico (FC)
Tel 0547 84945 – Cel 3477336838

HOTEL SPLENDID ** (ca. 200 m. from Circolo Vela)
Via Cavour
Tel. 0547. 81882

HOTEL Ragno *** (ca. 200 m. from Circolo Vela)
Via N. da Recco

HOTEL ALEXIA PALACE ****SUP. (ca. 600 m. from Circolo Vela)
Via Cavour
Tel. 0547.81071

CAMPING MOTEL ** (ca. 600 m. from Circolo Vela)
Via Cavour
Tel. 0547. 678020

CAMPING CESENATICO*** (ca. 2 km from Circolo Vela)

RESIDENCE Mocambo *** SUP. (ca. 200 m. from Circolo Vela)
Sunrise Residence
0547.81229 – 0547.672204

2015 F16 Europeans to be biggest F16 event ever

20th to 24th of July the 2015 F16 Europeans are hosted by Circolo nautico Cesinatico in Italy and the event promises to be best ever organised in Europe.

Today already 39 boats are registered and there are only 2 days left to pay the lower entry fee.
More than half of the fleet are mixed teams and 4 solo sailors show once again the versatility of the F16.
We see a healthy mix of leisure sailors which will get great racing, sun and good social events and names that will be battling on top of the leader board. Let’s introduce some of them:
– Sanne Wielenga/Thomas De Jong – Nacra F16: These youths placed 10th overall at Round Texel this year and will be the Dutch team to watch.
– Adrian Fawcett/Jesse Dobie – Falcon F16: These Aussies took the F16 world champion title last year in Newport and will be eager to defend their title this year!
– Emmanuel Le Chapelier/Eric Le Bouedec – Bimare F16: Having won Eurocat multiple times, and the Viper worlds these guys have been on fire for a while.
– Aurélie Van Schoote/Morgan Good – Falcon F16: These youths took the vice-world champion title in 2013 in Germany and the French F16 title. Morgan is currently campaigning on the Nacra 17 but will team up with Aurélie again for this event.
– Henri Demesmaeker/Alec Bagué – Viper F16: Also from Belgium this team has won the last edition of Eurocat. In 2013 Henri became F16 world champion and in the 2014 Europeans took 2nd. Young but a lot of experience already they will be going for gold.
In total 6 F16 brands will be represented: AquaRaptor, Bimare, Falcon, Goodall, Nacra and the new Mattia.
Sign up now for the event of the year: http://www.formula16.net/2015/04/online-registration-formula-16-europeans
Don’t forget your papers!!
If you have registered for the Europeans, please remember to bring along your certificate of coverage from your liability insurance and your measurement certificate. Ask your insurance agent for a paper in Italian. Some companies will provide this.

Eurocat 2015: Henri Demesmaeker- Alec Bague win gold

What looked like to become an edition with very little sailing ended well with 2 races today and the sun coming out in the end.

For the F16 class this was a key event as we wanted to break with the rating sailing and go for an F16 ranking.
Over the last months we have been grasping what sailors really wanted and most of them were keen on going as F16, with the result that over 15 boats registeredas F16.

And the racing was great.
On the Friday we had 15 up to 22 knots and did 3 races. ‘Des conditions cousteaux’ as the French say.
With the inner/outer loop principle we had a long dogleg which was a survival leg for all teams in the last race.

The Belgian youth teams were fighting it out with Manu Lechapelier for first on day 1. 3 teams had 7 points after 3 races. Another French team and Gill De Bruyne followed on equal points for place 4 and 5.

unnamed (1)

On Sunday there were 2 more races in again windy conditions. Henri&Alec secured the lead with Manu following in second. A great battle showing what the F16 class is all about.
For the class Eurocat was a great success as most F16 compliant boats registered as F16, preferring the class spirit above individual gain with ratings.

A big thanks to all sailors registering as F16 and to Antoine Menieur andStephane Etienne for the support to make this happen in the rating driven French sailing world.

Full results here: http://www.yccarnac.com/files/Documents/Regate/Eurocat/Resultats/overall%20F16.pdf


EuroCat Carnac – May 1

Almost time for the first big international event of the season: Eurocat Carnac!


This is a classic regatta not to be missed! 3 days of sailing of which 1 long distance day. Get ready and join us. And we have great news! We will have a separate F16 ranking (as soon as we have 15 boats registered). Scoring in real time = the best! And we will have a spot on the beach close to the small parking area where we will showcase 6 F16 cats. Join us for this great international cat sailing event in France (May 1) as an F16 and enjoy:

– an open free bar during registration

– specific F16 goodies to be picked up at the F16 tent (when signing up as F16, you will get a free waterproof bag for your smart phone. This is sponsored by the WindLive Tracking project which shall allow all F16 to replay their race over and over, and over … so bring your smart android device, there will also be a limited number of device for rent (10€/3 days), please notify up-front if you need one)

– an open free plancha on Friday evening

– an open free rhum ‘arrangé’ testing on Saturday evening

– free snacks and drinks on the water between the races (Yellow Rib)

– GPS race tracking

Register here: http://www.yccarnac.com/registration.html

Spring training Lake Como

Get your mind set on the new sailing season!

Join us for our spring training at lake of Como.
The 3-day training consists of on the water coaching and debriefing on land
Cost: €150 / boat (if we manage enough subscribers).

F16 Como

Let us know if you are interested (webmaster at formula 16 dot net)!