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F16 Europeans - day 2 PDF Print E-mail

Day 2 is over and it was another perfect day. The Italians must have a great life! Sun sun sun and wind just when you need it. There was more wind today, but very steady. In race 1 the right side was favoured but in race 2 and 3 it was the other side that payed off. 5 teams saw this and gained alot on the teams that chose the right side again.

Results for day 2 are (provisional, still some protests):

1. Thijs Visser
2. Jason Waterhouse
3. Silvia Sicouri
4. Carolijn Brouwer
5. Froukje Feenstra
6. Christa Van Helden
7. Paul Warren
8. Gill De Bruyne
9. Federico Farina
10. Chris Sproat

 Some pictures:
































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