2017 F16 spring training huge success!

From 28th of May untill 2nd of June 9 teams attended the F16 spring meeting in Domaso, lago di Como.
This 3rd edition of this type of event builds on the previous successes with a mix of leisure sailing and training on sunfilled lake of Como.
For this edition teams from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland attended.

It was a good representation of what the class is about. Mostly mixed teams, 2 all male teams and a father and son took part. With winds ranging from 10 knots in the morning to 18+ in the afternoon there was a wide, sometimes challanging, range of sailing conditions.

During the week Silvia Sicouri, fifth at the Rio Olympic games in Nacra 17, trained the teams for 3 days. What a great coach she is! The programme consisted out of morning briefing, on the water training and than a video debrief at the end of each day. A huge amount of info and tips to get everyone confident on the boat in any condition.

Nothing but happy faces at the end of the week thanks to the good atmosphere and great training. For sure we will organise a similar event next year, so keep your eyes open!