EuroCat Carnac – May 1

Almost time for the first big international event of the season: Eurocat Carnac!


This is a classic regatta not to be missed! 3 days of sailing of which 1 long distance day. Get ready and join us. And we have great news! We will have a separate F16 ranking (as soon as we have 15 boats registered). Scoring in real time = the best! And we will have a spot on the beach close to the small parking area where we will showcase 6 F16 cats. Join us for this great international cat sailing event in France (May 1) as an F16 and enjoy:

– an open free bar during registration

– specific F16 goodies to be picked up at the F16 tent (when signing up as F16, you will get a free waterproof bag for your smart phone. This is sponsored by the WindLive Tracking project which shall allow all F16 to replay their race over and over, and over … so bring your smart android device, there will also be a limited number of device for rent (10€/3 days), please notify up-front if you need one)

– an open free plancha on Friday evening

– an open free rhum ‘arrangé’ testing on Saturday evening

– free snacks and drinks on the water between the races (Yellow Rib)

– GPS race tracking

Register here: