Belgian youth championships

6 and 7th of September the Belgian youth championships were sailed in Koksijde Yacht Club.

There were 3 categories: Dragoon (13 boats), C3 (SL16, Hobie Max, Hobie 16, Nacra 500) (13 boats) and F16 (10 boats).

In the F16 class 5 Belgian and 5 Dutch teams. With very little wind 3 races were sailed over the weekend.

A very exciting race up untill the end. Top 3 places had equal points just before the last race. Whoever won this last race would be crowned Youth Champ 2014!

All 3 boats arrived at the same time at the upwind buoy – and since there was only one round to be sailed due to the light wind – it was a very slow but super exciting downwind.

Philip Hendrickx and Filip Olyslager (BEL111, Falcon) won with 5 meter ahead onĀ  Aurelie and Alec (BEL100, Falcon) and Henri Demesmaeker came in 3rd (BEL3, Viper).

Full results here